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Last updated: 10-26-2016
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We will be meeting at the Southe Towne Center on Friday November 4th for setup at 12:00 noon. We will be loading in at the front of the building.
November's meeting has been moved to December 5th, and is at Bob Gerald's House. Go to the
Upcoming Meetings tab for time. We will be having our annual Holiday party that night as well. More information forthcoming.
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Wasatch Front!
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2016 Show Schedule:
November 5th 9 A.M. to 5 P.M.
November 6th 9 A.M. to 4 P.M.
2015: Downstairs on the Main Floor
2017 Show Schedule:

2016: Same Place, New Modules
2017 Show Schedule (Times TBD)
March 3rd
March 4th
March 5th
2015: Up in the Old Timers Room
2017 Show Schedule
2015: In the Machine Shop
2017 Show Schedule
2016: On the third floor
Celebration at Bob's April 2016
History Repeats Itself
Bob celebrates the completion of the mainline on his home layout
Larry and Bob Talk Shop
Checking Things Out Before The Celebration Begins
Starting and ending point
Larry is facing the place where the railine begins and ends. The storage yards for both upper and lower points exsist behind the backdrop.
The final section
In this shot you can see both the main upper and lower yards.
Down to the Lower Level
This helix accesses the lower section of the line
The Lower Level.
Here you can actually see the three seperate levels (Two and a half as Bob likes to say).
Many Stages of scenery work
Here you can see how the scenery develops.
Layer upon Layer
Here are the stages of the first layers being built.
Second Helix
This helix takes trains from the first level up to the second.
The truss bridge
At this point the track splits. The front track goes around to the ore tipple, the back track goes up the helix
The ore tipple
The track ends in a cleverly hidden place. The upper track is the last leg of the helix.
Driving in the VERY tiny spike
Despite losing the spike a couple of times Bob manages to get it in.
Pouring the bubbly
Larry brought some sparkling cider for the celebration.
A Toast!
To a long and successful venture!
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Makers of custom signals for
Z, N, HO and now S scale
Come visit the museum!
Fun and activities for the whole
family. Come check out the new
Bingham mine railroad layout!
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Items should be railroad related.

Here's some stuff from Dave
Here are some links to
some interesting sites
XTrkCAD is a pretty decent
railroad modeling tool. It's
not as fancy as some, but
it's an absolute free-be!
SCARM or Simple Computer
Aided Railway Modeller
another free railroad

modeling tool. It has more
than 125 libraries and can
display your design in 3D.
Here's the UTA Website
The NMRA's National
Everything you ever
wanted to know about
diesel locomotives
A site dedicated to all the
US signage past and
present. LOTS of pictures
and dimentions. A must if
you want to create that
perfect sign.
Al has driven locomotives
for 38+ years. If you ever
wanted to know how a
real engineer does it, you'll
see it here! He has tons of
facts, figures, and photo's!
This is a website for those
who are into large scale
models. Lots of info!
Guide to 17,000 rail-related
websites including train
travel, model railroading,
railfan resources, train
simulators, and railroad
industry sites
Our Local NMRA guys
The Sterling Singers Choir
Salt Lake Astronomical Society
Utah Rocket Club
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