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Last updated: 9-22-2017
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The next show the club will attend will be in November at the Intermountain Train Expo at the South Towne Expo Center November 11th, and 12th. See Upcoming Shows section below for details.
September 25th's meeting will be at Robert Arnesen's House. Go to the Upcoming Meetings tab for place and time.
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Yearly Shows
2017 Show Schedule:
November 11th 9 A.M. to 5 P.M.
November 12th 9 A.M. to 4 P.M.
South Towne Exposition Center
2016: In Room 200D
2017 Show Schedule:
2017: Behind the stage, Big Layout
2018 Show Schedule:
2015: Up in the Old Timers Room
2018 Event Schedule
Thursday, May 10th 2018
In the Reed Smoot building
2018 Show Schedule
2017: In the Machine Shop
Special Shows
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2018 Show Schedule
Wednesday, June 20th to
Sunday June 24th
2019 Show Schedule
Friday, July 12th to
Sunday July 14th
"Roundhouse Festival" in Evanston, Wyoming. August 4th, 5th, and 6th 2017
Friday Morning 10:00 A.M.
Some of us tried to get to Evanston a little early.
Back in the machine shop.
Bob, Karin, Jason, Cameron, and Dave were the first fo arrive.
Everyone's here.
Russ and Robert arrive at about noon. It was a very warm day and there is no air conditioning in the machine shop. I was glad when the sun went down.
Adjusting Position and height.
Bob was the first to set up so we started the connection process starting at his modules.
Darn it! Stay Down!
Jason had a piece of track that broke loose from the ties, so he had to super glue it back down.
Getting closer.
Almost ready. Unfortunately Russ had some track problems of his own and ended up having to replace a section.
The final curtains.
Now it's time to test things out. Nate sets up a a couple of cleaning cars to run around the layout.
More details for the end loop
In keeping with his lumber theme, Robert's added a hardware and plumbing store to the end loop.
Cameron takes over Jim's corner
When Jim Barton left the club, he decided to donate his corner module. Cameron stepped up and voluteered to give it a home.
Here comes the Army
Nate brought his military cars and lashed them up to a Union Pacific challenger. Heavy tanks need lots of pulling power.
Performing some reprogramming
Cameron has his modules set up simular to Bob's. With the flick of a switch he can control them seperately. Here he's reprogramming an engine.
The Big Blow
Intermountain came out with a new version of UP's gas turbine. They have DCC and some have sound.
Three railroads meet
Millwaukee, Great Norther, and Denver & Rio Grande.
Adding more car carriers
Cameron had his car carrier consist out, so Jason decided to add his to it. 19 feet long!
Over too soon.
The end of the show arrives. Time for cleanup.
Monday August 28th, 2017. Gale Center Museum
Monday, August 28th 2017.
This month our meeting was at the Gale Center for History and Culture museum.
Modern tank cars.
Jason shows off three versions of his Atlas tank cars.
Using Fiber optics for sensors.
Robert set up a demonstration track to show how fiber optic cable can be used.
Two different sensor setups.
Both sensors are CDS photocells, but the one on the right is mounted to the fiber optic cable.
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Makers of custom signals for Z, N, HO and now S scale
Come visit the museum! Fun and activities for the whole family. Come check out the new Bingham mine railroad layout!
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Here's some stuff from Dave
Here are some links to some interesting sites
XTrkCAD is a pretty decent railroad modeling tool. It's not as fancy as some, but it's an absolute free-be!
SCARM or Simple Computer Aided Railway Modeller is
another free railroad modeling tool. It has more than 125 libraries and can display your design in 3D.
Here's the UTA Website
The NMRA's National
Everything you ever wanted to know about diesel locomotives
A site dedicated to all the
US signage past and
present. LOTS of pictures
and dimentions. A must if
you want to create that
perfect sign.
This is a website for those
who are into large scale
models. Lots of info!
Guide to 17,000 rail-related websites including train travel, model railroading, railfan resources, train simulators, and railroad industry sites
Our Local NMRA guys
The Sterling Singers Choir
Salt Lake Astronomical Society
Utah Rocket Club
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